Sunday, 16 February 2014

Difficulties with location

We have been experiencing some quite major difficulties in order to gain permission for a location in which we can film our Opening Sequence. we need a pub or social club in which we can use for the miss-en-scene of darts. We have been in contact with a social club in Maidstone, but this will pose some problems:
  • Maidstone is a fair distance away, which could take up to 35 minutes to reach in a car. we therefore would have to film all scenes in one sitting, as we probably wouldn't be able to return with short notice.
  • We have a short amount of time in which we need to have our opening sequence filmed by, so we would need to film soon if we were to have any time to edit our opening sequence. 
We have come together to push through to a confirmation, and hopefully we will have it in the very near future, as the social club will be ideal for the pub setting. both a distinguished aesthetic look as it is very pub-like, and is also hopefully available exclusively to us, allowing us to solely allow our actors in the set.

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