Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Preliminary Task

This video shows that my group are able to make use of the 180 degree rule, in which we keep the camera position within a 180 degree field.

We also show that we can make use of a match on action, in which we cut from one shot to another shot in order to depict an action taken by the subject in the first shot.

Finally, you can also see how we make full use of shot reverse shot, in which an editing technique in which it continually shows, for example, two people talking to each other, with a shot of one talking then a reverse shot of the other talking. We had to make sure that it tied in with the 180 degree rule so that the audiences sense of location is not messed up.

This scene shows a conversation being held with these 3 camera techniques being fully employed.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Mise-en-scene: pub setting

Due to the fact that the game of darts is traditionally played in a pub by amateur players, the opening scene could start in a pub, which could be the start of a journey for our main character, much like Cliff in the film Blackball. we will ask permission to film in a pub and then proceed to make use of their establishment by setting up the cameras. we will need to film in a pub with a dart board. we could use a panning shot to show the atmosphere within the  pub, then focus on the main character playing darts.