Thursday, 6 February 2014

Choice of music

In our hunt for feel good music for the opening sequence, and in particular, the two darts players walking on stage, we searched for royalty free music on i-tunes, in order to avoid being sued by the song owners of music with royalties. We spent a while researching songs with a strong beat that will get the audience feeling some adrenaline of the characters in preparation for the match. We have also incorporated a lightening effect in order to represent the ginger ninja, Andy Clark, who should be dominant over his opponent. We have researched our sector in darts and watched many matches, which portray great emphasis on the walk on of each player. We have therefore decided that individual music choices will not only conform to this, but will also create a sense of individualism in the clips, which is prominent within the darts sport. These choices will also mirror the individuals personalities. These details will be an important factor in setting our opening sequence apart from the rest.

  • 'House Summer Beat' the walk on tune for Ted 'The Titan' Taylor.

  • 'Dance Pop, Top 40 Hit Song'- Andy's walk-on song which mirrors his dedication to darts.

  • 'Funk Beat DJ Scratch,Music Loops'- This song is the credit piece.

  • 'Thunder, Lightning Strike Massive Sound Effect, Sfx Soundtrack'- This particular song is played before the walk ons to get the crowd pumped.

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