Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Filming equipment

We have the opportunity to have access to our school camera and filming accessories. we therefore have the chance to use techniques with professional filming tools, such as slider tools. The camera we will have the opportunity to use a Sony SLR camera with tripods, which will in turn allow us to use panning shots. We have booked a camera out for the date of filming already to ensure that we are provided with the necessary equipment that will allow us to film. As well as this, we have been given a crash course lesson with our teacher in order to show us how to film correctly. This includes setting up the camera and also haw to attach it to the tripod and how to actually carry out the filming.

The use of a tripod will allow us to use steady zooming shots. For instance, we wish to use the zooming feature to zoom out for when each darts player walks on to the stage in order to get the actor in the screen without cutting part of his head off which will add effect, to make the viewer feel in the moment, as if they are part of the sequence in the audience. This tripod doesn't take up too much room on the ground and will allow us to set it up in tight spaces. This is extremely useful for our opening sequence in particular, as if we are to film in a pub setting, we may have to locate our camera between tables, which may be a relatively tight fit. These small advantages are all going to contribute to having a good, presentable opening sequence.

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