Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Opening sequence Rating classification

After much discussion, we have decided to make our Opening Sequence a PG, due to the fact that we do not want to include swearing, nudity, violence or sexual activity in any clip.

Preparation for filming

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Difficulties with location

We have been experiencing some quite major difficulties in order to gain permission for a location in which we can film our Opening Sequence. we need a pub or social club in which we can use for the miss-en-scene of darts. We have been in contact with a social club in Maidstone, but this will pose some problems:
  • Maidstone is a fair distance away, which could take up to 35 minutes to reach in a car. we therefore would have to film all scenes in one sitting, as we probably wouldn't be able to return with short notice.
  • We have a short amount of time in which we need to have our opening sequence filmed by, so we would need to film soon if we were to have any time to edit our opening sequence. 
We have come together to push through to a confirmation, and hopefully we will have it in the very near future, as the social club will be ideal for the pub setting. both a distinguished aesthetic look as it is very pub-like, and is also hopefully available exclusively to us, allowing us to solely allow our actors in the set.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Character profiles

Here you can listen to the character profiles of the three main protagonists within our opening sequence, read by the actor which will be playing each individual character. We will relate to this when filming our opening sequence so that our characters personalities will reflect these recordings. These profiles are essential to creating an opening sequence that not only presents an accurate depiction of the darting community, but also so it feels like a real darts match, rather than two random people playing a casual game of darts. These little details will hopefully allow our opening sequence to stand out from the rest. As well as this, we can now use this to allow us to revise our individual characters, allowing them to hone in on how they will portray their character on-screen.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pre-Match Interview

Decision on film title

Choice of music

In our hunt for feel good music for the opening sequence, and in particular, the two darts players walking on stage, we searched for royalty free music on i-tunes, in order to avoid being sued by the song owners of music with royalties. We spent a while researching songs with a strong beat that will get the audience feeling some adrenaline of the characters in preparation for the match. We have also incorporated a lightening effect in order to represent the ginger ninja, Andy Clark, who should be dominant over his opponent. We have researched our sector in darts and watched many matches, which portray great emphasis on the walk on of each player. We have therefore decided that individual music choices will not only conform to this, but will also create a sense of individualism in the clips, which is prominent within the darts sport. These choices will also mirror the individuals personalities. These details will be an important factor in setting our opening sequence apart from the rest.

  • 'House Summer Beat' the walk on tune for Ted 'The Titan' Taylor.

  • 'Dance Pop, Top 40 Hit Song'- Andy's walk-on song which mirrors his dedication to darts.

  • 'Funk Beat DJ Scratch,Music Loops'- This song is the credit piece.

  • 'Thunder, Lightning Strike Massive Sound Effect, Sfx Soundtrack'- This particular song is played before the walk ons to get the crowd pumped.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Darts Walk On's Examples

The darts walk on's in matches are very important a not only do they get the crowd pumped up, but they also make the game more entertaining. The use of music and the style in which they walk on really accentuates their individual personalities. This is why we must really get the walk on's to replicate some of the ones in the video to not only make the audience more pumped, but also make the darts match realistic.

Filming equipment

We have the opportunity to have access to our school camera and filming accessories. we therefore have the chance to use techniques with professional filming tools, such as slider tools. The camera we will have the opportunity to use a Sony SLR camera with tripods, which will in turn allow us to use panning shots. We have booked a camera out for the date of filming already to ensure that we are provided with the necessary equipment that will allow us to film. As well as this, we have been given a crash course lesson with our teacher in order to show us how to film correctly. This includes setting up the camera and also haw to attach it to the tripod and how to actually carry out the filming.

The use of a tripod will allow us to use steady zooming shots. For instance, we wish to use the zooming feature to zoom out for when each darts player walks on to the stage in order to get the actor in the screen without cutting part of his head off which will add effect, to make the viewer feel in the moment, as if they are part of the sequence in the audience. This tripod doesn't take up too much room on the ground and will allow us to set it up in tight spaces. This is extremely useful for our opening sequence in particular, as if we are to film in a pub setting, we may have to locate our camera between tables, which may be a relatively tight fit. These small advantages are all going to contribute to having a good, presentable opening sequence.


 We will make full use of our resources available, so we will use my car to transport all the required props and actors to the chosen location. This will mean we will be able to get to the location as a group and therefore start filming as soon as possible, without waiting for latecomers.
 As you can see, my boot is large enough to hold a large amount of props we need for my film. It is large enough to hold a large camera and at least four bag-fulls worth of props and costumes, which will be more than enough for our filming. You can also see from below that we have access to five seats, allowing us extra space for another actor if we need one.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

James Wade tribute - Fall to Rise

This video shows how we want our main character andy to be mirrored to, with a portrayal of the highs and lows of a darts player.

Crowd within darts match

The crowd within darts matches are traditionally upbeat and energetic. We will therefore need to get at least 8 people to play darts fans, in order to make our opening sequence more realistic towards an actual darts match. We have also discussed using some pints glasses with non alcoholic beer in order to mirror an actual darts match, as beer is common in reality. clothing is also not only an issue towards the main characters, but also for the crowd, which will be fitted in smart- casual wear in order to make the scene more realistic.