Sunday, 23 March 2014

Evaluation question 7

Evaluation question 6

Evaluation question 5

Our secondary base was fans of the comedy genre, which would love the last clip, which displays the title of the film. this is due to the fact that he pulls a hilarious face, which comes as a surprise to viewers, and would make comedy fans laugh very loudly. pub goers will also be attracted to this film, due to both the miss-en-scene in the pub setting, which will allow them to relate to the clips and also the crowd noise being that of a comedic tone will amuse pub-goers in particular.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Evaluation question 4

Evaluation question 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

As i have stated in a previous post, Warp-films would distribute my media product, due to their reputation of successfully distributing low budget films. Early in the year, i researched two films: Four Lions of warp films and Avengers Assemble. The disparity of these films are massive, with Avengers being a blockbuster and distributed worldwide to a large audience. this would cost a massive amount of cash, which we simply would not be able to gather. Therefore, we will `use warp films to distribute our film, and will keep the distribution to the UK exclusively. 

advertising is a large part of distribution, and we have researched various methods of low-budget film advertisements. one particular method of advertising that would be realistic for the budget in which we would be looking at might be advertising through youtube, sending to small snippets of the film in various accounts, then asking people to view it on related videos, such as highly viewed darts videos. This would attract at least a few percent of the total viewers of that video, which would act as a useful method of distribution. As well as this, posting the opening sequence on various public blogs could attract potential viewers and therefore help distribute my media product. Lastly, we could make use of leaflets advertising the product and hand them out in darting venues, giving a link to a website which contains the media product. independent film cinemas could also be an option when it comes to distribution.

if the film does well in box office, we could consider producing various numbers of DVD's and distribute them to places such as blockbusters and even places such as off-licences. 

Evaluation question 2

Evaluation question 1

Warp Films

We have decided to use warp films as our distributor, due to its strong prescence in UK film industry. It is renowned for distributing low to mid budget movies, which is a benefit for ours as it has a very small budget. Warp films was established by Warp records by Rob Mitchell and Steve Beckett to produce a number of short films.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Shooting summary

Shooting went very well today, as we managed to gather enough clips in order to compile a significant, presentable opening sequence. We had some difficulties in terms of finding certain positions in which to set the tripod up for the shots, but we overcame that by trial and error. We also were able to find a toilet that we could get changed in, especially me due to the fact that i had two costumes. We also were unexpectedly offered a real microphone, which we used to add to the realism of the opening sequence. Now editing is the next step to creating our opening sequence.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


We have decided to create an initial budget for our opening sequence to see how much our production will cost

  • Apple juice- £4
  • Ted 'the titan' taylor's darts- £15
  • notepad for notes on filming- £2

We borrowed both the tripod and the camera from the school media department. The social club has been nice enough to let us film there for free, which is very beneficial for us as it could have cost us up to around £100 to rent the place out for even just a few hours. All of the other costumes and props have been provided independently, so they do not need to be paid for. The cast are also working for free, which is a big bonus as it has really helped to lower the budget to be very cheap and manageable. This budget really reflects how our opening sequence is an independent British film as many are on a tight budget and rely on good actors and also an interesting story in order to grip their audiences and entertain. Obviously the budget would be higher with the production of the whole film, but this budget acts as a microcosm of the whole film. The fact that the budget is cheap also means that we will have more to prepare for any unexpected costs, such as loss of darts or shortage of apple juice.

total budget- £21

Deal done for our filming location