Wednesday, 5 March 2014


We have decided to create an initial budget for our opening sequence to see how much our production will cost

  • Apple juice- £4
  • Ted 'the titan' taylor's darts- £15
  • notepad for notes on filming- £2

We borrowed both the tripod and the camera from the school media department. The social club has been nice enough to let us film there for free, which is very beneficial for us as it could have cost us up to around £100 to rent the place out for even just a few hours. All of the other costumes and props have been provided independently, so they do not need to be paid for. The cast are also working for free, which is a big bonus as it has really helped to lower the budget to be very cheap and manageable. This budget really reflects how our opening sequence is an independent British film as many are on a tight budget and rely on good actors and also an interesting story in order to grip their audiences and entertain. Obviously the budget would be higher with the production of the whole film, but this budget acts as a microcosm of the whole film. The fact that the budget is cheap also means that we will have more to prepare for any unexpected costs, such as loss of darts or shortage of apple juice.

total budget- £21

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