Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Catch Me if You Can Opening Title Sequence

This opening title sequence makes a different approach to an opening sequence, with the use of animation used throughout the sequence, with no appearance of a, actual person. This therefore separates this movie from the crowd of other movies from the outset. As well as this, the animations are based on themes within the film, such as airports and also undercover cops, along with high-heeled women that are toned in order to give the viewer an insight of what is going to happen within the movie. The credits also are related to each clip, and are not an eye sore to the viewer, which would otherwise put the viewer off of the movie before it even starts. The act of a figure being chased and acting covertly also indicates to the viewer another theme within the movie, with the act of a character running from the law prevalent, as well as giving a thrill to the viewer as to whether or not he will be caught. The absence of dialog also allows the viewer to wonder as to what the characters would actually do and say in that situation, which in turn makes the viewer intrigued to watch on. The music is also very suspenseful with the high tones and that in turn relates to the highly suspenseful film. 

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