Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Zombieland Opening Sequence

This Opening Sequence gives a slight back story of what happened before the film was set as it tells you how bad things got. As well as this, it also tells you where the film is set right at the start by showing the American flag on the black overturned car. Although Jesse Eisenburg isn't shown in the opening scene, he is narrating, which gives the viewer an inclination to who the main character is. The Opening Sequence also tells the viewer of who died first and tells you the 'fat guys' died first, which therefore suggests that the genre is Comedy, which is supported in the slow motion section where various comedic scenes, such as the father-son three legged race. The Opening sequence also makes use of slow motion in order to let the audience enjoy their comedic undertones fully. The introduction of the rules also act as a unique selling point for the movie, leading to the audience wondering what the other rules not in the Opening Sequence are, leaving them hooked on the movie. The credits are offset from the center, which indicates that producer thought the actual opening is more important than telling you who stars, prioritising the film. However, the Opening Sequence does not reveal any of the vital characters visually, which could be viewed as a bad thing as the rest of the film has much to do to get the viewers to fully understand the film. It doesn't set up any of the vital characters back stories either, which could be seen as an important trait as it not only allows viewers to create a relationship with the characters, but also increases the chances of them viewing the films possible sequels.

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